Your objective is keeping the glowing globe away from the blue energy walls. Do this by moving the square bumpers between the wall and the globe. If you succeed, your score will increase. But if you fail, the globe will hit the wall and your score will decrease. When the score has reached 0 and the globe hits the wall again, it will blow up and the game will start from the beginning.
The game can be played by 1, 2 or 3 players together on one PC (2 on the keyboard, one with the mouse ). CPU players are supported as well.

You can activate the main menu at any time by pressing RETURN. It provides four options:

The options menu provides the following settings:

In the beginning you may find it difficult to control your bumpers. However, once youŽre used to it youŽll see that your pads can be controlled well: No matter which view you use and which position the cube and the globe are in, the movement of the bumper is translated so that moving the mouse away from you will always move the bumper away from you, moving it up will move the bumper up and the same applies to left and right. The same translation is used with the keyboard as well.
In pongdeluxe, there are also 6 deluxe boni flying around and which can be collected by the bumper pads:

2 green boni. One will make you bumpers bigger for some time, making it easier to catch the globe. The other green one will slow the game down a bit.
2 red boni. One speeds the game up, the other shrinks your pad for a while.
The 2 blue boni are neutral: The less interesting one just gives you 10 additional points. But the other one, the pongcore boni spawns three globes out of one. If it is collected, youŽve got the chance to get more points by catching at least every second globe. The additional globes will disappear after 5 misses.

The release version has the following differences to the compo version:


pongdeluxe was created for the Mekka & Symposium 2001 32k game competition by the following people:

.-= calculus =-.

.-= typographics =-.

.-= audibles =-.

Special thank goes out to Jesus-Man for support.